August/September/October 2020 Wrap-up

So yeah, I’ve been gone a while. Oops, sorry folks. So much for keeping up the place around here. -sigh-

Anyway. This wrap-up post will be slightly abbreviated to just include highlights. Then we can all hope and pray I’ll get a grip on myself and stick around this time. 😛

[the life things]

Putting this one first because I should explain myself and I have very good reason for missing my last… three ones of these posts.

So. Since July…

  • I got a new job at an ice cream shop. Then that job didn’t work out and so I got a different job at a breakfast cafe.
  • My brother got engaged, and we’re planning the Official wedding.
  • I got a very bad ear infection in August, then basically my whole family got chicken pox a couple weeks later.
  • Sukkot and Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur and two family birthdays happened.
  • Another brother had his Bar Mitzvah and we had a small family reunion (only after chicken pox had subsided, don’t worry)
  • My grandparents and uncle moved down from Washington and are currently living with us.
  • Fall weather happened, and we got our first snow, due to a crazy weather front.

I think that just about covers it. But yeah, lots of exciting things. Best writing experience building is just living your life, right?

[the writings]

Haven’t gotten a ton of this done lately, sadly. But I think I’ve gotten about a chapter and a half done in the past couple of months? It’s something. Maybe NaNoWriMo will motivate me a little.

[the musics]

My fresh new bops include… a lot of The Mamas & Papas, and Simon & Garfunkel.

Also the Score came out with a new album, that’s pretty cool.

Have all the playlists:

[the stories]

Books: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas (probably one of my new favorite books. I’m battling back the urge to drop my other writing projects and start a western retelling of this story immediately)
Bridge of Clay by Markus Zusack (a really beautiful book, though I thought it was going to do a little more than it did? Could have been a little more, I guess, but it was still good.)
The Captive Kingdom by Jennifer Neilsen (fiNALLY more of the Ascendance Series! A… a fourth book to the trilogy, like I keep accidentally saying! It was very very good, I liked it a lot.)
The Murderbot Diaries by Martha Wells (I’m about halfway through the books that are out, and they’re very fun and intriguing and fast moving, I like them. A bit of a language warning though.)

Rewatches: The Count of Monte Cristo (honestly I appreciate it even more after reading the book, even though it’s very different), The Sound of Music (watched while very sick), and Back to the Future (honestly better every time)
First times: Tenet (I don’t even know, man.)
Vantage Point (Cool and well done, but needed a little extra oomph. Another “watched while sick” movie so maybe my view is skewed.)
Enola Holmes (very pretty and fun, well done. Overall enjoyable. Not a huge fan of a few awkwardly placed messages and reworking of the Holmes brothers’ personalities though.)
A Few Good Men (absolutely STUNNING I loved this movie.)
Infidel (Full review to come on this one, highly recommend going to see, even if it had its sloppy moments.)
Memento (Brilliantly done, with an ending that left me… pretty depressed and feeling cheated, honestly. My mind loved it, my heart didn’t. I’m still working out how I’d rank this one.)

Shows: Pretty much just one this time around: Person Of Interest.

Honestly this has bumped right up into my top 3 shows (alongside Leverage and Lost), and I love it a lot. I’m two episodes away from finishing the series currently, so again… I’m hoping to have a review coming of this.
But it’s just… it has really beautiful themes and I love the characters and it’s fun action-y spy, sci-fi stuff… all very up my alley. It’s amazing. ❤

[the cookings]

We got a bunch of tomatoes from our garden since it is now harvest time (actually a little past that now), but I made homemade tomato soup from our garden tomatoes, and it was pretty awesome if I say so myself. Especially with sourdough grilled cheese.

This past week I made apple cider caramels from And they were amazing. ❤

And other than that, I’ve spent all my time… uh… with acorns.

Because I’ve been trying to make acorn coffee. For three months. I failed about six different times and only succeeded this past Friday in finally making something drinkable.

Hold your applause please. It still smells much better than it tastes, we’ll see if I manage to perfect it any further.

[the funnies]
[up next]

Yeah, not even gonna try on this one. I’ll now be taking bets for how November will be going. Guess if you dare.

It would be awesome if I could get back into writing now that I’m in a settled schedule at work. SO. Fingers crossed hard there. Let’s hope it’s a good month.

How have you guys been these past few months?

Talk to me in the comments! Love you all, thanks for being patient while 2020 boots me around like a soccer ball. 🙂

’til next time,


7 thoughts on “August/September/October 2020 Wrap-up

  1. *high-five* Congrats on surviving thus far!

    I am very, very impressed by your dedication to making edible acorn coffee. Like wow. That’s a long time to experiment and keep going.

    Have fun with your brother getting married. ;D Is this your first sibling to do so?

    (I hope your life calms dowwwn. <3)

    1. (Yes, this is your first sibling to do so. :’D I thought so but wasn’t sure. I knew you were the oldest, but I didn’t know the ages of your other sibs in comparison; after some poking around on the blog to refresh myself on some of your siblings’ general place-falling, I am enlightened.)

    2. Thank you! It’s quite an accomplishment. xD
      I’m still working on the acorn coffee thing honestly, I’m not entirely happy with my finished product yet. We’ll see how it continues. At this point it’s a full-blown hobby. 😛
      and yep! Honestly not surprised, he’s usually more of a pioneer than me, even in the romance realm apparently. xD

      1. Indeedy. XD
        Well have fun making it work. I remember eating some acorn flesh when I was younger, and I can well believe it would be difficult to make a tasty liquid from such.
        Heh. ;D

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