Snowy Photos

We finally got some snow for about half a day here. So, I actually get some snow pictures this year! Yay! 😛

Here are the best ones I got.


Three cheers for the telephoto lens! This is up on one of the nearby mountains. It still has snow. Lucky mountain.





Ginger snuck her way into the picture, but was cooperative enough to stay on the trail. 😉





The view out back.



The holly bush. It just looks right in the snow. 😛



Bullwinkle walked into this one. Once again, no ill effect. (Good boy, Bullwinkle.)



Something else that looks just right in the snow. Pine trees!



The entrance to my little pine fort.



And Isaiah, making the most of our tiny snow day. ❤


Which was your favorite picture? Have you had any snow days?

Please comment!


7 thoughts on “Snowy Photos

    1. XD I only had like 2 hours of opportunity. I woke up and was like “SNOW.” O_O and went straight to my big coat and gloves. Let me tell you, working the camera lens with too big gloves is no easy task. 😛

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