5 Types Of Alarm Clock Wakeups

Hey, guys!

As promised in an earlier post, today we will be exploring the 5 different kinds of alarm clock wakeups, along with how to identify and deal with them.

Without further ado:


The 5 Types


  1. The Freak-Out


It has to be acknowledged that the alarm clock noise was pretty much invented to scare the willies out of everyone upon hearing it.

This kind of wake up proves the success of the inventors.

You’re sleeping peacefully, albeit lightly, when this lovely, nerve-grating noise practically rockets you out of bed whilst giving you a heart-attack.

Not at all a wonderful start to your morning, though you’ll probably go through the day very alert.

Nothing gets past the person who woke up with a freak-out. (Though, be careful to avoid paranoia)


  1. The Automatic Button Smash


This one is a kind of second stage to the freak-out.

Eventually, you’ll generally get the hang of the nothing to ridiculous-adrenaline-rush switch and aim your freshly rocketed self towards the alarm clock.

Thankfully, this one will probably get you started on your day generally quickly. Doing what needs to be done as quickly as possible and all that good stuff.

(Unless, of course, you hit the button and immediately passed back out. But, shh…)


  1. The Dream Discombobulation


There is a strange phenomenon that has begun occur with the appearance of alarm clocks. Dreams somehow manage to shape themselves around that annoying noise that wakes you up in the morning.

You’re a secret agent and you’ve just gone through all the strange, dream-difficulties to get to your goal. You reach the bad guy’s base and try to get inside, but accidentally trigger an alarm!

Then suddenly, there you are, with your face smushed sideways into your pillow, but the bad guy’s alarm continues.

It’s all very confusing.

These wakeup victims are usually identified by a confused look and spectacular bed-head as they come down to the breakfast table. Prepare for the inevitable phrase: “I had the weirdest dream…”


  1. The Slow Return to Consciousness


The hardest one of them all to actually get out of bed and recover from.

Where the others at least acknowledge the alarm and its shrillness, this one barely even registers it. Honestly, if it was just a tad quieter, you’d probably sleep right through the alarm. It honestly won’t bother you at this point.

Your mind is more like “I’m kind of awake now… though I don’t know why…”, that is, if your mind is actually verbal at this point. Also, it might kind of feel like someone tied you to the bed

Honestly, if you get this one, you really shouldn’t be waking up at all right now.

These wakeup victims are identified by barely being able to stagger their way down to breakfast/out the door.

Please, for the love of humanity, give them some coffee.


  1. The “Good Morning Apartment” (RARE)


Some of you may recognize phenomenon of Emmet Brickowski jumping out of bed happily and greeting everything in his room upon hearing his alarm clock.

Though this wakeup is extremely rare, it does sometimes occur, thank heaven.

These are easily identified by a wide smile, energetic, well-rested bounciness and exclamations of how wonderful this day will be.

Please resist the urge to fix them with a power-scowl.

If you have this wakeup, keep in mind that it is your sole responsibility to bring the other wakeup victums (freak-out, especially) peace and happiness for their morning.

Good luck.


Well, it’s Sunday, thank goodness, so hopefully none of us had to deal with those.

But now you have the types down so you can have fun identifying everyone on Monday. 😛

Which wakeup is the most common for you?

Please comment!


65 thoughts on “5 Types Of Alarm Clock Wakeups

  1. For me, it’s: *alarm goes off and I jump out of bed to turn it off and reset it then return to the warm hugs if Ms Comforter and sleep for another 15-30 minutes*

        1. Ah, that makes sense. XD Unexpected dog licks are… not necessarily the best thing when you’re asleep. 😛
          Squink and I are the only ones who consistently stick to the set wake up time out of the kids. Daniel has three modes: wake up before everyone and be amazingly chipper, wake up about an hour after everyone else or wake up at the same time and crash on the couch. XD

    1. Mission accomplished! XD
      The dream incorporations are so weird. O_o I’ve had some pretty crazy ones. Like I’m scared to open the fridge for some reason and the whole dream builds up to me finally opening it, then the alarm goes off. XD
      Though I’ve had some pretty bad slow returns to consciousness. I literally thought someone tied me to the bed a few nights. 😛

      1. X-P
        I’ve dreamed about being a secret agent, trying to escape from some place, and so forth…
        Oh, those are the worst. Have you ever had one of those mornings where you wake up feeling just a step left off of reality? Or where you thought something impossible had happened, or remembered something happening that never happened to you???

        1. Yeah… lots of weird dreams. I had one where I was Captain America the other night. XD
          YES. Those ones are weird. When I was little I had one and kept asking mom if we could go to a park that… *cough* didn’t exist. And what’s really bad is when siblings have dreams that you give them something of yours and they wake up thinking it actually happened…

          1. AWESOME.
            Lately I dream I’m the Doctor more often than not. X-D
            No… the ones that are the ABSOLUTE worst are the anxiety dreams that make you think that there was a test today and you didn’t study, even when you wake up. Or the ones where the teacher assigns a big project with not enough forewarning and you’re scrambling to put it together but it falls apart even as you do and it’s never ready. Or the ones about trying to pack in order to either evacuate or go on vacation at the last minute because someone sprung it on you.
            I actually have a theory about those dreams. Maybe they happen because you are under stress in an alternate universe at that exact moment in your life.

          2. I had like one Doctor Who dream. It was pretty much a weird, dream version of The Parting Of Ways. (I saw it right before bed and was still processing. XP)
            OH GOSH YES. Those ones… Oh and another bad kind. I’ve had ones where something exciting or important is going on but I’m so exhausted I can barely even stand up. No one seems to even notice in the dream, either. XD

          3. Just random little things that made me go “huh?” when I woke up. I think the Doctor had Daniel’s shirt on or something and random elements of the day were mixed in.
            Oh, those ones are horrible. XD

          4. Which Doctor do you dream about? I find that, when I’m dreaming I’m the Doctor, I have Eight’s personality and mannerisms (but physical appearance is distorted somehow. I guess what it’s like, being inside your own mind?) And when I dream about being a companion, sometimes I dream about being with Nine or with Ten. Whenever I dream about Nine, he always looks like Nine, but sometimes Ten doesn’t look like David Tennant when I dream about him. It’s weird.

          5. Nine, pretty much always. He’s still the one I’ve seen the majority of. 😛 Well, once before I saw any of Doctor Who, I had some dream that was absolute nonsense with Ten and Oliver… something about the TARDIS crashing into our roof. And it was weird, because it sort of switched between me being Oliver and me just being me. :S

          6. Well that’s good, means you’re getting into character! X-D
            Writing Eight is really fun. It’s like equal parts kindness and hero, with a dash of magician and a pinch of absurdity to ice over the Oncoming Storm… It’s kinda unique because he’s both larger-than-life and surprisingly down to earth. (Also he keeps misplacing things, which is hilarious.)

          7. She was the little insane princess that Deuteronomy rescued in my short story, A Giant’s Quest.
            I really want to do more with her. XP

  2. Um writerfury you didn’t discuss the people who aren’t woken up by alarm clocks at all. Yes, we exist. Just a step above you normal humans. 😛 *hair flip* XD

  3. I agree with erin on the ‘remembering something that didn’t happen’ thing.
    Writfury had this cool hot wheels car when we were little and one time I dreamed that Writfury gave it to me, so I woke up and took it claiming she didn’t remember giving it to me. ;P

  4. I’ve had them all. 1-5 yes all but I think I’m mostly 2. One that I think she forgot to mention is the one where you’ve barley had any sleep and then you wake up 10 minutes before the alarm goes off. And for the rest of that ten minutes you can’t go to sleep because you are dreading the bone-wrenching cry of that thing with light-up numbers for eyes. Oh yes I told you I would Writfury. *opens vac yum* >:)

  5. Well I am trying to set a new wake up habit so I have been gradually getting myself up at an earlier time. So once I can get up a certain amount of days in a row with my alarm clock which usually gives me a freak out. I will allow myself to shoot myself in the foot and sleep in a little later.

  6. Well… my alarm is quiet and not very annoying. I’m not a heavy sleeper so it wakes me up very quickly, but I have to have it sitting on one of my bookshelves on the other side of the room so I have to get out of bed to turn it off, otherwise I go right back to sleep. 😛

      1. Yeah, most of the time. Sometimes I still talk myself back into bed. Do you have any idea how many reasons there are for sleeping later than you were intending? I’ve been amazed at the vast number I’ve come up with in my laziness. 😛

          1. HA!! 😀 That is the best motivation in the world. *wonders if mom and dad would consider adoption* I only have 2 siblings…
            The best motivation for me is going to bed after reading a cliff-hanger; I have to get up so I can find out what happens! 😉

          2. Yes, it can be hard to do… however, when you’re planning on getting up at 4:30, it’s wise to quit at about 10:00 if you want to have a chance of being jovial the following day. 😉

      1. I had one dream where my sister was something like a criminal and not feeling guilt at all and when I woke up I felt really weird and distrusting. XD

        1. Oh, gosh, that would be strange. XD
          Once I dreamed my brother’s friend (who’s about a year older than me) proposed. It totally freaked me out because I’d never even considered something like that and kept trying to avoid him the next time he came. 😛

          1. That sounds really really weird. XD I love talking about dreams. It always cracks me up.

          2. There’s plenty of that in the morning in our family. 😛 The problem is that Squink tells me hers the second after I get up and I never remember any of them. XD

  7. I LOVE dreams! Well, most of the time… the ones where I marry people I know are AWFUL. I’ve been married to 6 so far… ugh.
    But the ones where I’ve been kidnapped, fighting for my life, or meeting favorite characters (hello Gandalf! Hooray! Please don’t fall into the swimming pool) are awesome. 😀

    1. Whoa… o_O I had one where I was engaged… but that was about it and I’m glad because it really freaked me out. XD
      Those ones are the best! 😀 I like the ones where I’m Captain America or something. 😛

  8. I am the automatic button smasher unless I tell myself the night before that I have to get up at a certain time, then I wake up one minute before the alarm goes off.
    Noises other than my alarm work themselves into my dreams all the time. The best ones are when I dream about something happening and then it happens later. Does that happen to anyone else?

  9. I don’t have an alarm clock, so my brothers use marshmallow guns like horns and blow through them. (For the sake of seeing me slam my door open, throw a snow boot at their heads and stalk out. I’ve heard its even better when I have medusa hair and am wearing a grinch shirt.)

    When its not my brothers or my dad, (who is more respectful of peoples’ sleep) then I can usually set a time and wake up then. But its only my brain that wakes up and my body is like “duh….” and all warm and cozy, so I get up late anyway.

    I trained myself to control my dreams so that I can wake up at any given moment. Yes. It is possible. Don’t question me. But the scariest one I ever had was the one I had over 5 times over the course of 3-4 years and counting. Exactly the same, every time.

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