A Change of Scenery, OYAN & Prayer Requests

How do I start writing something when I don’t even know whether it should be happy or sad?

Well, it’s big, whatever it is.

Announcement being: My family is moving to Missouri.

*tries to find a gif and can’t decide*



A bit of an erratic swinging between those two.

. . .

So, yeah.

No more Washington photography, guys.

This was the reason of the sort of ambiguous prayer request after my Passover hiatus. Everything happened very fast starting in the middle of that.

The politics have been rapidly changing for the worse over the years and though Washington may be beautiful to explore and photograph, the spiritual side is very ugly and lots of bad people are migrating to right around our town.

We left our home for good 3 weeks ago yesterday.

I’m a hardcore optimist, but I was honestly having a really hard time with this. Having lived in the same house for over two-thirds of my life, and the same town for all of it . . . this was not easy.

Like, “crying myself to sleep almost every night” not easy.

Thanks to Squink, Mom and Dad for putting up with my waterworks. ❤


Kind of ironically, it was my OYAN conference that ended up being our publicly given reason for going down there

I was kind of nervous when Dad was driving me to the OYAN conference. This was the positive thing I was clinging to, since it would be nearer by and something I could do in years to come, and if it was a flop . . . I really didn’t know where I’d be.

It turned out to be the biggest blessing I’ve had in a long time.

I now have something I didn’t have back in Washington: A real-life writer community. And I had no idea how much I was missing.

Everyone was amazing and supportive. Critique groups weren’t scary at all, once I got past the stage fright of reading my own stuff, and I could literally sit down next to anyone at lunch and have an awesome conversation.

The five, fantastic days passed way too quickly and I was sitting in the last session, when Mr. S does his sendoff for the year (which was really encouraging for me <3). Mrs. S had planned from the first session that after he’d finished, the lights would go out, we all take out our phones with the lights on and wave them to light the room.

Then a song came on over the speakers.

I really thought I wasn’t going to cry. This was my first year, after all. How many connections was I honestly going to make?

But with my trouble with the moving, the song really hit me.

God is faithful.

I have found a home.


(photo credit to OYAN’s Captain Top Hat for this masterpiece <3)


So, moving on is incredibly painful.

I feel like part of me died when I left our castle.

But there is hope.

I’m not alone.

God has good plans for me.

And new adventure is starting.


Now, something I’ve always wanted to do. One last hurrah for Washington . . . you get pictures of our castle that I couldn’t share before.

Yay, I guess. :’)

(Confession: I went a little shutter-crazy before we left. Memmooriiiees . . . I have literally hundreds of pictures if you guys want more. ❤ )


Rhododendron bushes along our fenceline



The moon over the roof



Main street of Arlington. The old hometown.



The mowed path by the orchard to the house



Down the driveway



Across the field towards the pumphouse



The front porch



The floor of my little pine-tree-fort.


Okay, I’m crying again… let’s get the last ones…


My room from the outside



And from the inside… (With no pictures up because this was like 2 nights before we left)

I’m so blessed to have literally grown up in a castle I can’t even say. ❤


I got that off my chest.

Prayers would be appreciated for various things.

That we find a house. That our house sells okay. That we can get a business going and hopefully eat somewhat consistently. That it works out moving the dogs down here (and they don’t run away). That all the family doesn’t implode being this close to each other for this long. That the weather in Missouri *whimper* cools down? Would rain be too much to ask? (I’m pathetic, I know…)

And… for me personally. Just that I can find some more up-sides, kind of adjust to the weather… and allow my memories of home to make me smile instead of cry. ❤

Thanks so much, and kudos if you made it through all that. 😛

You guys are great (I don’t tell you that enough). *big virtual hug*

And hey, the blog’s not going anywhere.

Comment with any moving tips, or just like and send me virtual head-pats.

Signing off for now,


40 thoughts on “A Change of Scenery, OYAN & Prayer Requests

  1. Yay 😄 Now you’re somewhat closer to me. I’ve done the whole move entire states away from the place you’ve lived in as long as you can remember thing. Definitely sucks but it gets better. Praying for you.

  2. This was so bittersweet. I have been through the same thing- moving across the country from a childhood home- and I’ll definitely be praying for you. Moving is hard, so trust God. And try not to melt entirely, but if you do, that’s all right too. 🙂

  3. Moving can be hard. And trying to make new friends can be difficult. I remember when we moved to where we live now. We had a couple cats, but eventually only one stuck with us. I hope your dogs have more sense than our cats did.

    But hey, you’re only a twelve hour (including stops) drive from me! Ok, that probably wasn’t very helpful, but at least I got a smile, right? No? How about now?

  4. Hey, I regret to say that I have never been through a move like that, so I can’t say I have experienced or know how you feel. But I want you to know, if you ever just need a shoulder to cry on, or someone to pour your heart out to, or just need a plain out bawl-like-a-baby-partner, Please Call Me! I am here for you anytime. 24/7. I want you to know that I love you and I am praying for you!!! You are an amazing girl, Rosey, and you are gonna make it, I promise. YHWH has big plans for such a talented daughter!! : )

  5. I’ll be praying for you, so hard!!!! I can tell you that I’m about to go through the same thing, minus one part–I won’t have my family with me. O.O College. Ugh. And one person already said this, but that means you’ll be closer to me, too! 😀 You’re going to do great, Rosey! Maybe you’ll find Sam, too. 😉

    1. Hey, awesome! Maybe we could meet up sometime! Missouri is a lot closer to blog-friends in general. I already met with Erin Kenobi on the way here. 🙂
      *hug* Thanks so much, CB! The prayers are definitely helping. ❤ Seriously, the morning after I'd posted this, even before I checked my blog, I went outside and it had cooled down at least 10 degrees and was raining. 😀

      1. That’s neat! 😀 I’d love to! It’d have to be during the school year, though, since I’ll be closer. Maybe if someone’s doing an author signing close by…
        You’re so welcome!!! 😀 Cooler weather is sooo nice (and it can get pretty cold even in northern TX, although I’ve never stayed long in MO.)

        1. Definitely! 😀 Or a conference or something. We’ll have to email. 🙂
          Yeah, it does get pretty cold, from what I’ve heard. We’re just not even through June and most days are bordering 100 degrees… :s

  6. Our family recently moved, but we stayed in the same town, so I have no idea what you’re going through. 😦 I will definitely be praying you get used to the weather… I have cousins in Missouri, and we drive through Missouri almost every year; it’s beautiful in its own way. The rolling hills can be amazing, and you’re kind of close to Arkansas, which has some absolutely amazing scenery. If you ever go down there, check out DeGray Lake Resort; it’s a state park that is pretty much amazing!
    Anyway, I’m sure you’ll do great! God will use this in ways you can’t even imagine! Hugs and prayers.

  7. Aw, that’s not fun. But I understand the moving from WA because we did that two years ago. And you’re right, it’s very bad politically and spiritually. But praise the Lord, He brought us to a better place we can call home. 🙂 I’m glad SW was so good for you. 🙂

    Your photos are AMAZING!!!!!! 😀

  8. Oh wow. I’ve been praying for you and your family, and I can definitely see how this will be difficult for you. Changes are hard, but I am sure that God’s plans for you are the best.
    (Also Missouri is closer to Texas than Washington is so if you ever come down here LET ME KNOWWWW.)
    (Also can I get rich right now and buy your castle because it’s amazing???)

    1. Nice to know someone’s been praying. ❤ Thank you so much.
      (Yes it is!!! We'll have to email. We've got some cousins down in Texas we were hoping to visit sometime now that we're here, so *bouncebounce* we must email about this. :D)
      (YES PLEASE YOU DO THAT. I'll come visit and show you all its secrets. XD )

      1. You’re welcome. ❤
        (YES YES YES. Let me knowwwww if you're ever going down.)
        (I WISH. When I become a millionaire I will seek it out and buy it. XD)

  9. I live really near Missouri, and don’t worry, it’ll rain. Buckets. But no, it won’t cool down, it’ll just get muggy.

  10. Oh, trust me, I understand. We have to move a lot, so I’m constantly digging up hastily-grown roots and replanting them, only to have to re-dig them up and re-replant them.

    WOW. That is the most awesome castle house I’ve ever seen. I sooo want turrets.

    I wish you luck, and blessings. Will be praying 🙂

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty new to me. The only other time I moved was just across town when I was 5. (And it was into our grandpa-build castle so sadness was pretty much nonexistent there.) Nice to know someone who’s survived it. 😛
      I KNOW. Turrets were awesome to have. I had like five different views.
      Thanks. ❤

  11. That’s both amazing and stressful! And we can be moving buddies! 😉

    Also, one of my favorite authors, Nadine Brandes, spoke at OYAN. She also just moved to Missouri last month!

    I’ll definitely be praying or you! It’s super hard to be moving, especially that great of a distance, but I trust that God is putting you there for a reason. 🙂

      1. Yep! But it’s only an hour away. But very stressful. (Our VERY picky and VERY annoying buyers backed out a few days before they bought our house. After we paid lots of money for inspections and stuff. UGGGHHHHH, THE STRESS.) Anyways. Yes. Good luck with the move!! 😀

  12. The best part of the castle is in the trailer now, Swirty. The living spirit of HaShem, His cloud and all you wonderful gems. Like the good book says “if You do not go before us, we will not go,” except more like “once you have gone, I don’t want to stay.”😢 Counting the hours until I will be back with you and everyone. Praying ceaselessly.
    Love Dad

    1. Thanks so much. ❤ *hugs back*
      Right now, new baby is the biggest thing. Mom's due early October and is usually late, but her water started leaking and baby might even come… tonight… *silent freaking out*

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