Odd Team Out thingies

Yes, yes, another project.

Some of you…. might recognize that title. So I’ll explain myself briefly. 

-begin brief explanation-

I’m doing a serious overhaul on my first completed novel, about six years later. Original story was about a secret agent, a cyborg and a dog being a weird team together. The general concept is still that. I’m changing a lot of things but I still love the characters so I’m getting excited again.

-end brief explanation-

So yeah.


Basically an excuse for me to share new character collages and a tiny bit of baby Cobalt.

Baby Cobalt first.


I had no idea you weren’t supposed to put shiny things in the microwave. Honest.


I hit the pause button as soon as it started flickering around and looking . . . well, looking like it was going to blow up. But then I tried to open the door and the handle snapped off.


And now my favorite fork was trapped in the microwave with my last marshmallow on it.


I kind of screamed.


Just a little bit.


I tried pulling on the edges of the microwave door to get it open. That broke one of my fingernails and really hurt. But it didn’t open the door.


I tried wedging a little knife in there and opening the door that way. The knife slipped and I nearly sliced my hand open. And the door stayed shut.


My fork and marshmallow were trapped forever. Entombed in a shiny red microwave coffin. The fork would tarnish and the marshmallow would get all hard and gross and no one could eat it . . . ever. Never ever.


I pulled at my hair and walked around in panicked circles in front of the microwave. I was getting a little lightheaded and I forced myself to slow my breathing down so I didn’t hyperventilate.


But they were still trapped.


I poked at the microwave a bit more. Nothing. I slammed on the button panel. The door jiggled, but then the microwave started up again. I yelped and hit the stop button.


So I could get it out, maybe. But that would require blowing up the microwave and probably the house.


But my marshmallow . . .


Mom and my older sister were out to their “girls’ lunch”, whatever that was. But I had my sister’s phone number memorized. And she knew everything.


I scrambled over to the phone and punched in the number. It buzzed against my ear and I bounced on my toes, gripping it tightly.


“Please pick up please pick up . . .” I whispered.


Finally, on the last ring, that angelic voice came through the speaker.


“Cobalt, this better be good.”


I let everything out in one breath. “It’s not good, it’s really bad actually because I tried to make my marshmallow all poofy in the microwave so I put it on my favorite fork and put it in there and then . . .”


Indigo’s voice cut me off, “Hold it, hold it . . . you put aforkin the microwave? Are you trying to blow yourself up?”


“I didn’t know, honest!”


A second of off-phone talking, then she replied. “Mom says if you blow up the house she’s putting you up for adoption.”


“But Indy, the handle snapped off and now . . .”


“Just don’t start the microwave up again. Gotta go.”




Tears welled in my eyes.


I’d be a marshmallowless, forkless orphan now. I sniffed and rubbed at my eyes with my hoodie sleeve, giving the microwave a hopeless look.


“I’m home!” A voice came from the doorway.


And a few minutes later, I found that Dad was excellent at opening stuck-shut microwaves.



le cast collages






(she’s probably technically the newest character? she was a thing for a while in a ditched sequel. I ditched it for being cheesy when I was 13, so that should tell you everything you need to know about that story. Buuuut she was a big part and I’m bringing her back to be Wally’s younger sister so)


In general

I’m excited


But that’s where the fun starts, right guys?

Anyway, hope you’re all having a great week so far. ❤

See you all…. on Friday, actually. -evil yet nervous laughter-


26 thoughts on “Odd Team Out thingies

          1. I am still so embarrassed about that book though.
            I can do so much better now and I ripped off so many things in that book.
            It must die and be reborn again. xD

  1. Hi there! Me again. I was wondering, what do you use to make your collages/aesthetics? They’re so great and I really want to make some for my characters I’m just insure as to how. XD thankee!

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