Apple Crisp

I was taking a few pictures while making this. You know… in case I want to do a recipe post. (Not all documented recipes turn out well) But when everyone starts crowding around the oven before it’s done moaning that apple crisp is their favorite, I think that’s generally a good sign. Plus, it seems… Read More Apple Crisp

Fast Chocolate Chip Cookies (with pictures!)

And, after uncountable times of baking chocolate chip cookies, the writefury has finally streamlined the process down to under 10 minutes to getting the cookies into the oven. Because, who doesn’t want cookies faster, right? Here are the instructions to speedy chocolate chip cookies, complete with pictures:   Ingredients: 1 cup (two cubes) butter 1… Read More Fast Chocolate Chip Cookies (with pictures!)

Man vs. Kitchen

Watch in suspense as man takes on the cruel and unfamiliar world of the kitchen! A friend emailed us this video the other day and we all loved it… and continued to watch a bunch more of the Jostie Flicks videos. I mean, it’s homeschooler videos, so we relate. 😉 I’d encourage you to check… Read More Man vs. Kitchen