Tallgrass Prairie Reserve

It’s admittedly taken me a while to really develop a fondness for the whole midwestern landscape, I haven’t taken nearly as many pictures since moving away from the more impressive ocean/mountain vistas of the northwest.

But last week I visited Kanas’s Tallgrass Prairie Reserve with a friend and got some really nice pictures, so here we are. Enjoy the glory of Kansas, guys. ❤

A tree oasis! It was hidden in between the hills and looked much smaller from a distance, but there was a stream and everything.
You would literally not believe the sheer amount of grasshoppers coming out of this grass.
I know “looking up into tree” shots are basic, but I have a weak spot for them.
Fluffy grass

That’s it for now, hoping to share more nice pictures in the future. ❤ Hope you guys enjoyed! Feel free to comment with your favorite picture, or what you might like about prairie landscapes.

’til next time!


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