Passover Videos

Heyo, everyone! So most well known would be the fact that Easter is coming up. But that’s not me, so we’re doing Passover things today. And they’re other people’s videos because I don’t have enough creative juice at the moment to share a passover story or recipe. It’ll happen sometime during the week, though. Probably.… Read More Passover Videos

One Day

Just popping in with an adorable video for today. ❤ This is an Israeli couple, Yoni and Nina, and they like singing so they made a youtube channel and let their baby tag along. Baby quite appreciates this, as you can see.   (I’ve seen a ton of covers of this song and am honestly… Read More One Day

Narrator Hater

I may have found my new favorite Studio C. Plus, it has to do with writing. So, of course I had to share it. 😉  It’s perfect writer humor.   Have you ever been mean to your characters? XD Please comment! ~writefury P.S. (that hopefully won’t turn out to be too long…) So, our family’s… Read More Narrator Hater