One year ago today, I got possibly my best birthday present ever. (As all of you will probably attest.) I got my lovely little (well, big) powershot camera! Since then, I’ve learned about shutter speeds, aperture, f-stop numbers, tripods, lens hoods and lots of other camera stuff. And this blog has enjoyed lovely, professional looking… Read More Cameraversary!

Snowy Photos

We finally got some snow for about half a day here. So, I actually get some snow pictures this year! Yay! 😛 Here are the best ones I got. Three cheers for the telephoto lens! This is up on one of the nearby mountains. It still has snow. Lucky mountain.     Ginger snuck her… Read More Snowy Photos

Kayak Point

Hey, guys! I had the chance for a photo trip to Kayak Point last week and never really got the chance to post the pictures. It’s been a while since a nature-photo post, so why not? 🙂 Well, enjoy!       There were these cool purple shells everywhere.   Under a driftwood log. Looks… Read More Kayak Point