Sukkot Photos

Aaaand I’m back! Thank you all for waiting around for me. πŸ˜‰ Sukkot was really fun. I slept out on our porch all but 2 of the nights. Which was cold for my face, but awesome. In the meantime, Photos won the poll by a mile, so here are my favorite sukkot shots. πŸ™‚ Our… Read More Sukkot Photos

Sukkot Hiatus

Hey, everyone! So, starting tonight is the holiday of Sukkot. A holiday where we camp out in our porch/fort/sukkah and decorate everything with leaves and fall things. We also shake a bundle of branches called a Lulav and a lemon-looking thing called an Etrog. It’s like a lemon with a really thick rind. We made… Read More Sukkot Hiatus

Rosh Hashana

Shana tova, guys! That means happy new year… even though it’s September. πŸ˜› We’re going by the Jewish lunar calendar here, so it actually is the Jewish new year. So, we do all sorts of fun things on Rosh Hashana with lots of symbolism so the little guys in our family can get it too.… Read More Rosh Hashana

Happy Purim!

Happy Purim, folks! Munch some hamantashen and enjoy the Maccabeats! And some really, REALLY good teaching videos on Purim if you’re interested: Purim: Redeeming the Sin of Eden What was your costume? I was Black Widow from Iron Man 2 Though I wore cargo pants, not those skintight weird things. And my little 7 year… Read More Happy Purim!