Twinepathy Book Tour! Character Interview: Maddie

Hey, guys! So, today I’m doing a book tour to spread the news about C.B. Cook’s awesome superhero book, Twinepathy! πŸ˜€ I’ll be doing an interview with one of the characters today, *drumroll* Maddie! *squeaks because she’s an adorable little person* Anyway, enjoy! Here’s the book tour info. The Synopsis: Albany York has a secret.… Read More Twinepathy Book Tour! Character Interview: Maddie

Writer’s Life Tag

So, back a few (*cough* seven) months ago, Lalaithel tagged me for this lovely writer’s life tag thingy. About time to do it, huh? Pretty easy stuff. Answer some questions… tag some peeps… let’s go.   Write fuel: What do you eat while you’re writing? Honestly, nothing. It’s usually too distracting for me. Either I’m… Read More Writer’s Life Tag